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Retailers not Considering these Things in E-Commerce in 2020, will be Offline in 2021*

*or seriously lag behind their competition.

2019 is coming to an end - and like every year, we have prepared our forecast of what will happen in...

Händler, die diese Dinge 2020 im E-Commerce nicht umsetzen, werden 2021 offline sein*

*oder hinter der Konkurrenz zurückbleiben

Das Jahr neigt sich dem Ende zu - und alle Jahre wieder gibt es unsere Prognose, was im nächsten Jahr im...

The Music Industry - How Innovation stood still for a Decade

Video Killed the Radio Star

The first music video ever to be broadcast on MTV in the US, airing at 12:01 a.m. on August 1st in 1981, summarized...

11 September 2019 /
Michael Stach
Michael Stach
Junior Product Marketing Manager

Buying Commerce Software?

Why Flexibility pays off for true Innovation


Many businesses are looking for a new commerce platform to support the digital transformation of...

06 June 2019 /
Michael Vax
Michael Vax
VP Product

Voice Takeover and Commerce Trends

“I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that.” No, that’s not your Amazon Alexa. It’s a line from a 1968 Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space...

21 February 2019 /
Alexandra Buckalew
Alexandra Buckalew
Product Marketing Manager

How About Some Real-Time Data Transfers From Back-end to Front-end?

Separation has an impact on every aspect of software design. Whenever there is some element of separation, there should be a way to sync data...

14 February 2019 /
Ehsan Zanjani
Ehsan Zanjani
Senior Application Architect

5 Trends we are Looking forward to in 2019

New year, new trends. The e-commerce scene in particular will not leave you waiting: companies are being restructured and innovations will cause a...

Johanna Tesfay
Johanna Tesfay
Content Marketing Manager

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