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Connecting to Customers - with Spryker’s Glue API

We are living in an increasingly connected world in which every one of us is making use of a variety of services based on APIs without even knowing it. It starts in the morning when you grab your smartphone to check today’s weather. When you turn on the navigation system in your car to find the quickest route to avoid morning traffic. If you think you can imagine a world without APIs, you are wrong. Even your kitchen equipment makes use of APIs and will soon be able to tell you on your way back from work if your fridge is empty- or not. Or maybe it’s your lazy day again and you decide to order from your favorite restaurant via one of the many food delivery apps. Most likely the restaurant will leverage APIs to receive and deliver your order as well. APIs are the glue for everything.


Why APIs Should Matter to you

In commerce, APIs form the basis of every touchpoint with your customer of the present- and a future that goes beyond desktop. No matter if it is a simple mobile app, a smart point of sale (POS) system informing the sales clerk in the offline world about your preferences, some Alexa voice skills, or chatbots that will make customer service easier. Your business should invest in APIs for the following reasons: 

  • Reach more customers
    APIs empower you to create any number of touchpoints to get in contact with your customers, whichever the device. 

  • Customization 
    You may reach out to different customer segments on different touchpoints. APIs enable you to offer a tailored customer experience for your audience, wherever it may be.

  • Integrations 
    APIs are not only used to deliver custom experiences, but you can also leverage APIs to integrate to different platforms; from offering your products on Amazon to leveraging mapping services for customers to find your offline store.

  • Testing Ideas 
    APIs are the quickest way to test your ideas and get a head start before the competition does. Consider them as building blocks for your developers to assemble your new ideas. New applications only need to follow the API contracts set, but even those are be extended for your purposes.

Now if you still doubt the use of APIs, consider this: Want another payment method? Use APIs; Want another search engine? Use APIs … Build and use what you really need.




How the Spryker Glue API Helps you to Reach the Next Level

Spryker customers are all pioneering digital commerce, which is why they rank topics such as new touchpoints and alternative front-ends, integrations and even a public developer program high on their agenda. Spryker is offering a REST API called Glue API. It is the starting point for Spryker customers when implementing their touchpoints, and it serves our industry partners as an easily accessible source of information. How can your business leverage the Glue API?


Adding customer-centric touchpoints & alternative front-ends

New touchpoints to reach your customers are gaining media attention. Take the example of Voice Commerce; Amazon is hiring developers like crazy and e-commerce experts warn about the consequences for retailers and manufacturers for not being present in the voice segment. Glue is the first access point for Voice Skills. Obviously, a new touchpoint with your customers doesn’t need to be headless- meaning without any graphical user interface. Touchpoints also come in the form of alternative front-ends, using software development kits (SDKs) such as Progressive Web Apps, that serve alternative purposes. Using Glue, you can leverage only the things that matter to you, because it democratizes data for your needs. Why not build an app that supports your sales staff during customer visits. It may be fully tailored to one use case and deliver all relevant data for smooth business processes.


Making the most of developer Glue APIs to drive innovation

It is not only your business that benefits from Glue APIs. Also, your partners and other third parties do. Partners, such as the industry partners of Spryker, leverage the standardized access points. What is more, you are able to connect different systems: Your desired CMS makes use of the exposed product data and your CRM benefits from customers and their order histories.

To go one step further, Spryker customers may run their own public developer program and incentivize people with ideas to make use of the Glue APIs. Third-party developers can drive innovation for you, when you expose product data for them to be used for daily deal sites, live shopping, or simply to be placed in newsletters. Developer APIs do not only benefit the large players like Amazon, Ebay, or Walmart, but can deliver innovations for any size of company.


Want to learn how to implement new processes by using the Spryker Glue API? Contact us today!

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