Spryker: a New Approach to Commerce

Fabian Wesner
Fabian Wesner CTO Spryker
20. November 2014 in


As you might have read, our new venture called Spryker Systems, which is based on our e-commerce platform Yves & Zed, was announced recently. In this post I would like to outline the approach behind this new project.

Existing solutions (like Hybris or Magento) are designed as fully featured commerce suites. They ship with a massive set of features which is good for ‘merchants who just want to sell products online’. These systems allow customization by configuration and they provide predefined developer’s APIs or code hooks for extensions. The problems arise as soon as a company wants to break out of the suite’s conceptual restrictions, for instance, when support for highly customizable products is required. This quickly becomes an issue, because necessarily these solutions are complex and they contain tons of generic code which developers need to comprehend and to master*.

We believe that this traditional ‘one-fits-all’ approach is not the best solution for modern, successful commerce companies. Instead, they need to create an individual online presence that perfectly matches their specific business model and their customers’ needs. A traditional commerce suite with a lot of unneeded features and high complexity doesn’t help to achieve these goals. What they really need is a framework which optimizes the productivity of developers in the long run and enables the continuous delivery of new value-creating features!

The approach of Spryker is to provide a modern architecture which ships with a set of reference implementations for the most common use cases. Every single feature can be extended or, if needed, replaced by a more specific solution. Instead of bulky generic code, Spryker provides a lean architecture and clean code.

* If you ever tried to replace Magento’s product catalog by a NoSQL database, you’ll know what I mean.

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